#1: Pick Yourself Up…

People tend to think that once they’ve faced terrible loss, they aren’t worth standing up again. Basically, social and emotional issues give rise to such ideas.

Few of them are listed below:

  • Fear of becoming an issue- talk of the town
  • Being addressed as a Loser 
  • Feeling down on an emotional scale or getting  Negative thoughts

Reverse-Process or commonly known as demotivation begins. In this case, the one who’s patient is proved to be witty…

Majority of the people ask about the solutions to such problems. But they are unaware that

The Solution Does Not Lie Around us; It Lies Within Us…

So, we should begin by patiently thinking about the problem and the consequences to be dealt with. We should also try to get motivation from different sources. I suggest music and other such arts as the best antidotes. Even nature can help us to get cured.

The above mentioned process is known as picking yourself up. This is the basic thing to be done when you want to deal correctly with a problem. Next step will be explained in the next blog.

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