Getting Started…

It is a bit awkward to write a blog… But actually its my first blog ever… I’ll make sure to share all my ideas and views here and keep you inspired and entertained.It is also said that,


So, do give your feedback…





4 thoughts on “Getting Started…

  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    We almost share the same annivesary date. Im a newbie too. Glad to have found a friend along this blogosphere who is at the same stage i am. Let me know if you need any assistance from me. I really love your blog. – Cezane

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  2. Lusito Mthethwa says:

    I resonate with your first blog about getting started. Among every other other activity to follow in life, the most important is getting started. I wrote about something similar in my blog called “The beginning of a thousand steps”. It is taking the first step of faith in reaching for your dream. It gives power. Keep it up.Keep going, you’ve overcome the most difficult part, Getting started.

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