Stronger Self: Version 2.0

As we witness major changes taking place in our worlds, we also witness a drastic difference in people’s morals and also in their ‘High Society Values’, as they call it. What has left me rather speechless is the cold-blooded attitude of people. Biggest example is that murders, rapes and other such atrocities are considered like penny in the whole treasure chest of crime, and that is deeply saddening…

Many psychological tests were and are conducted on people with criminal mentality or  cold-blooded attitude. The results are quite shocking as well as pathetic. Most of the cold-blooded and stone-hearted criminals were soft and polite souls at some point. Then, what made them so ferocious?

The reason is very simple. Psychological facts reveal that majority of the people who are engaged in criminal or illegal activities were once good at heart, and chances are that the goodwill of the person still prevails. The noticeable fact is that at some point of their life, these people faced brutality and harsh cruelty. Rapes, murders, acid attacks, communal wars etc. that were conducted, were witnessed or felt by these people. The major reason behind invoking a person’s criminal conscience is the lack of getting proper guidance. After terrible losses or atrocities a person breaks down, losing confidence in his inner self. When this person isn’t able to pick himself up, (see the article-#1: Pick Yourself Up…)  consequences are:

  • Attempts of suicide- result of weakening of inner self
  • Turning into cold blooded person- mostly criminals and the like.

What can be done? The answer to this question is restricting the rate of crimes, which thereby takes us to the opinion that deeply hurt people should be provided with emotional as well as psychological support. Maybe, that could help.

If I talk in the first person view of such survivors, then main focus should be driven over rebuilding yourself into a stronger self- Something like the Version 2.0 of you. Dusting out the pains and moving on is the most courageous and best thing that you can do to yourself. Remember-

Death is not the answer to any question, and never a solution to any problem…

The first and foremost thing to remember is that the show will go on with or without you. The only thing that you need to do is to Rise and Shine-constantly





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