Encountering The Facts…


Most of us are into the habit of putting up deceptions for the world, as far as our personal matters are concerned. It’s a sort of charade, which has to be carried on, willingly or unwillingly. Just as we change our clothes, we also change our masks. In short, we fool people. We pretend. We do play a charade.

But what’s that for? We often overlook the facts and truths that are hidden behind some of the most common incidents that take place, almost everyday. We know that it isn’t right, but we do know that right response is Wrong!

Social etiquette, as they say. We laugh out at the most painful comments passed out on us, even if our heart is crying out loud. We will never know what we’re going through, unless and until we encounter some of the most shocking facts about life…

To begin with, we have a very common way of putting someone down to shame. It is basically an act of insult taunt. Yes, you read it right! Yeah, taunts aren’t insults, they’re just funny comments- this is a common excuse to get out of any further complications. And until now, even we were thinking the same. But this story will change your perception.

A girl named Anna Rose was diagnosed with a major mental disorder called-B.P.D. (borderline personality disorder) and also with Social anxiety disorder. For her better analysis, doctors thought that she should attend at least one social gathering- Not for too long, so that they know the stage of her suffering. But,those thirty minutes of gathering, were the most horrible minutes of Anna’s life. People started commenting and taunting her, following which, She was pushed into the acute stage of her illness.

Yes, we do not understand that our words can have a major impact on people. That is why it is necessary to Think before we speak… 

Maybe, we do not wish to discover the hidden facts… We do not want to see the bitter grin hidden under a warming smile. We do not want to come across the cruel intentions behind a helping hand. It’s not so that everyone is Bad, but neither this is a fact that everyone is a good soul.

So, the moral of the story is that we should be alert enough to understand a person’s real face. And for that, Encountering The Facts is really necessary…

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2 thoughts on “Encountering The Facts…

  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    A great Intel, having read just a few posts at your blog, i must say, you have a gift and a talent in this art of writing. I am bound to learn a lot from here. Enjoyed every minute i spent. – Cezane

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