Getting Up Isn’t Easy…

Running Away From The World;
Tell Me Where Will You Hide?
And How Will You Secure Yourself-
Who Will Be By Your Side?

How Will It Work If
You Keep Your Vision Hazy...
'Cause No Matter How Strong You Are,
Getting Up Isn't Easy...

Don't Shed Your Tears So Quick,
Let The Rage Reach Your Blood...
Make Yourself Prepared Enough,
To Bare The Emotional Flood...

Don't Worry If Nobody Supports;
Almighty Takes The Care...
Let The Time Be Judgemental,
But You Keep Your Game Fair...

Try To Get Up From The Ground,
And Dust Yourself Up...
Breathe In All Your Confidence,
And Don't Ever Give Up...

Try To Stay Focused,
And Keep Yourself Busy,
'Cause You're To Make A Journey Of Thousand Miles,
To Deny That Getting Up Isn't Easy...


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