What Meets The Eye…



I’ve seen the definitions changing at some course of time… For instance, definition of LOVE, definition of LIFE, definition of PAIN, and so on… What was dealt with, a decade ago, is now just in the form of a line in the books! Strange, right? Maybe. Or maybe NOT.

If I talk about the present situation, then I would probably not go and experience everything in terms of the current definitions. Thrill, as they say, is basically indicating towards rash driving, snorting coke, being heavily drunk, playing with emotions, and a recent one (and a bit explicit, too)- lying, and cheating… That’s thrill, right? Not enough for you to understand. Then, let’s define Love in today’s terms… To many of us, love means a kind of attraction for a time being:getting attracted with one’s skin, eyes, voice, flowing locks, or whatsoever… A strange fact that hovers around this definition is that we’re bound to see what we could see, bound to listen what we could listen, bound to feel what we could feel. Its basically like an iceberg- we respond to something that we see. But in reality, there’s always something more that what MEETS THE EYE…

That’s why when we date back, or maybe talk about the real feelings, Thrill is associated with some adventures, and not with committing offenses. Life is associated with the joy of living, and not an extravagant and lavish lifestyle. And Love is associated with the connection of minds, hearts and souls, and not just a mere connection of bodies.

The main reason as to why philosophy sounds boring or difficult to us is that we do not want to explore; We do not want to go beyond our limitations… We do not want to spend time in making our lives worthwhile, and experiencing divinity out of it… That’s why we are Common Beings, and not Human Beings in true sense of philosophy…

We need to explore and go beyond the plot line, because there’s always something more than What Meets The Eye…


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