The Battlefield…

“And… done!”, she exclaimed as she drafted the reports to her boss. And After getting a confirmation from the other side, she left for her place.

Ayesha Hassan was her name. And everyone thought of her as a cheerful lady. She used to sparkle up her surrounding everytime. She had that aura, and that charm. Her prominent habit was wishing everyone a very good morning (or evening) accompanied with a confident yet sweet smile. She was the perfect blend of beauty with brains.

But what you see is what you get doesn’t seem to be true every time. Nobody knew that she was suffering from depression and nobody even bothered to ask if she was okay. She used to cry for hours together and then return back to what she was. A week later she was found dead in her apartment. Her suicide note went like this-
“To anyone who gets this note,
I’m pretty sure that you must not be aware of the reason why I killed myself. And I can say that because I apprised no one of my condition. I didn’t want anyone to stress out ’cause of me. My life is my job and ending it is mine too. You might be thinking of me as a coward and it is legitimate. But I was done with my personal life and so I had to take this step. Sorry for all of the trouble that I might have caused to you. And the secrets, including my personal life would be cremated with me. I blame no one for this step. Goodbye and stay happy…”

So just like her, many people might be into some or the other trouble. It’s just that they don’t show. If you’ve got a person around you who doesn’t talk much, then go ahead and start a conversation. Never misunderstand a smile for someone’s happy life. You never know what’s happening around. And if you come to know that the person is suffering from any such trouble, then show your support because depression is a major battle and these people need to survive in the battlefield…


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