To the people who left me in the middle of nowhere…


First of all, thank you. Thank you for leaving me, without giving me any reasons or explanations. This blog post is a special dedication to this GOOD deed of y’all… So, here we go…

Firstly, I want to address the best friend who not only left me, but also stabbed me a thousand times… Girl, thank you for being a torturous best friend. I was not even appraised of your intentions, not to mention my immense trust on our bond… It was so bad, that now when I look back, I find it rather useless to ask you as to why you did this to me. You left me, unexplained- fine… But, bullying?! Was that the only solution? Was our friendship so weak, that a third person instigated you, and you believed her. Kudos, girl! Because you know what? I’m growing stronger, day by day… Its good that we’re still in the same school; even god doesn’t want me to forget or forgive your cruel act. (Ref.- Strangers In a Crowd… )

Secondly, to the newly made and soon faded best friend. I never cared about you being from the opposite gender, all I knew was that I wanted to confide completely into you, and wished the same from your side. But now I guess I was wrong. Anyway, thank you for teaching me how to be self-dependent. Though I wasted thousands of tears behind you, I don’t think we’ll ever get along again. And if we do, the feelings will never be achieved again. I still see a faint ray of hope, that you’ll come back. But then, reality strikes, and I come to the conclusion that people who left me like this don’t come back, and if they do, they have some selfish motive behind it…

Lastly, to all of you out there who betrayed me at some point of my life or other… I have two words for you: Thanks & sorry. Thanks for making me stronger, and sorry, because the doors for you in my life are closed for ever.

You left me, and kicked me harder when I was down. Now sit and pray to God that, my demons don’t rise. Ever.

I wish I were as smart as others. I wish I were as mean and manipulative as others. I wish I were selfish. To be born kind and compassionate is a blessing, but not always. This is what I’ve known so far…

P.S.- To the faded guy: I’m still waiting for you to prove my perception wrong…

From retrospection of the events, all that I can say is that trust is valuable. To all the readers out there, never trust people easily. They’ll stab you and blame you for this. And make you feel guilty for no reason, for lifetime. So, choose people wisely. Always.



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