Let Go or Let Them Go? (Part-1)

let go

One of the biggest and most important decisions ever- Should I let(it) go or let them go? Its really strange, right? I mean, something so basic and petty just creates a lot of frenzy. It sounds so obvious, right? Let It Go. Situation are meant to occur, as such. But the reality is way deeper, and traumatizing…

Most of the people fail to understand the consequence itself. An impulsive reaction always causes trouble. The thing is, that when the other person does something unacceptable, what we tend to do, relies on many factors. Impulsiveness vs. Introspection- Lets see what wins…

When we’re really close to a person/people, we tend to act emotionally, overlooking their faults and flaws. Yes, it can prove to be beneficial, but not every time…

Let us keep certain points in mind:

  • Anger/Disgust/Disappointment:When someone does not act as per our wish and will. When someone disagrees with our point of view. Or when someone does something unacceptable, causing inconvenience.
  • Misunderstanding: The root cause of relationships coming to an end.
  • Ego: The word often confused with self-respect. Though the demarcation is very fine, ego is something which burns down the bridges of relations, due to overconfidence/excess of unwanted attention/natural tendency.
  • Self-Respect: far better than ego. Once you lose it, you don’t deserve to be called a human being anymore. Dictionary meaning- pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honour and dignity.

So, let us begin the discussion. We’ll assume a story:

Suppose, there’s a girl called Ashley. She has a best friend, Say Jason. Jason and Ashley used to talk regularly. They used to share their deepest and darkest secrets. One day, Jason suddenly Stops replying. Ashley starts feeling alone and broken. People didn’t see a big deal in it, but we all know how it feels. Jason suddenly messages her after months together. Bewildered, Ashley responds her right away. And again he becomes unresponsive.

This girl faces the same dilemma. More or less, everyone faces the same dilemma in different conditions. Should Ashley Let Go Of The Situations and be normal to Jason, Or should she let go of Jason Himself?

We shall discover the answer, in the next part of the blog series.

Until then, keep anticipating. ❤

Much love,