Let Go Or Let Them Go? (Part-2)

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So, in the last post, we came across the fundamentals of life, and the problems. We also saw the case of Ashley. So, should Ashley let it go, or let them go?

Let us again discuss some important factors:

  • The Karma Law/ Boomerang rule: As unreal as it may sound to the non-believers, this does exist. This law/rule simply means that when you perform an action/deed, may it be good or bad, the result comes back to affect you, at some point of your life, or another… It has happened with me as well. So, lets believe it, for once, I say.
  • Chances and Choices: We have choices, mostly 2 major choices pertaining to a decision/action/situation. And chances… well, depends on the person.
  • Faulty Image/Rumour Effect: Sometimes, our decisions are overshadowed by rumours or faulty images that people create for selfish motives. So, its important to decide a person’s worth by only what you know. Incomplete information can be dangerous.
  • Emotional balance: All that I can say is, that its very important.

Lets analyze what we know. There might be multiple reasons behind Jason’s unknown and sudden disappearance:

  1. Ashley might be a distraction, posing a threat to his future.
  2. He might be fed up with her for some reasons.
  3. He might have found a better friend than Ashley.
  4. He did this to testify her trust.
  5. He might be feeling bad for Ashley’s dependence on him, her vulnerability, etc.
  6. Anything other than the listed possibilities.

Now, looking at the options, 4th one seems a bit awkward. So let us extrapolate the rest.

  1. This holds a major position in the stats. Might be true.
  2. I see lesser scope for this reason. He was the one to initiate the conversation.
  3. Quite possible.
  4. This can be a reason, only if the friend has a thoughtful mind.
  5. Various possibilities in this point.

According to her, there were no fights as such. Then, what happened to her friend? He hasn’t discarded her from social media as well. What are the indications of this on and off conversation? Will this ever end?

After the complete analysis, we are almost near the conclusion. And that, we’ll discuss in the last part of this series.

Until then, keep thinking, keep anticipating… ❤

Much love,